AREC22: Leveraging your Data to Provide Better Customer Experience

Using data well, enhancing the customer experience and the importance of consistency were all key themes at AREC 2022.

Seth Godin kicked his session off on day one sharing his thoughts on why investing in your customers is always a good idea. Seth believes that for every dollar spent on customer experience (CX), you will be repaid 20 times, which in the end means that CX is free!

Customer experience has changed

Our customers know almost as much as we do now, so we need to find more ways to serve them. One size fits all no longer works. Customers want to be heard, understood, and trust you to lead them to a better future.

But how do we really lean into our customers’ needs when we don’t always have the full picture of where they are at?

Dirk Miller, who spoke on day 2, believes it’s data insights that will allow you to understand what motivates each of your customers. Leveraging your data is now critical to a successful future. Data insights give you better conversations and better service and as Seth Godin said, your customers need to be heard and understood and conversations need to be relevant.

Most agencies have incredible amounts of data, but the challenge is to use it well, especially when there are multiple sources but not one source of truth.

Without deep insights, marketing/prospecting can feel like a bit of a scattergun approach – sending the same communications out to all customers in the hope of catching a few. If we are not servicing our clients and using our data to ensure every communication is meaningful to them, we may be giving opportunities to competitors.

Reinforcing data insights in the customer journey

Pam Styling and Dean Mackie of Di Jones spoke at ARPM and reinforced the importance of data insights in the customer experience.  At Di Jones, the team ensure they understand their investors’ needs, challenges, friction points and fears and tailor their service accordingly. They also believe today’s buyers are tomorrows sellers and todays renters are tomorrow’s investors – so using our data to understand what part of the property journey our customers are on will help us understand their needs and better serve our customers now and in the future.

At MRI, we feel very aligned to the AREC themes this year as one of our key missions is to support a single view of each customer.

Our plan is to soon be able to leverage multiple data points and provide our agencies with insights they can utilise in meaningful ways such as to increase prospect marketing and better target and call conversion.

Bringing the two data sets of sales and property management will enable our agencies to better understand their clients and their journey, grow their business, build deeper relationships and realise the lifetime value of a client.


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