Leanne Jopson: More than just a Property Manager

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Property managers have always been known to juggle different roles, and the ongoing pandemic has shown just how indispensable their skills are when dealing with issues around tenants and owners. For Leanne Jopson, National Director for Property Management at Metropole Melbourne, adding another hat to the many she already wears as a property manager is a no-brainer especially when it comes to empowering their clients to achieve their goals.

Leanne and the team at Metropole Melbourne pride themselves in building strong and trusted relationships with their clients – both tenants and landlords. According to Leanne, this is one of the qualities that has allowed them to help their customers transition from renters to property owners themselves. “It is understanding that what we’re building as a company and as a property manager are relationships that are not just going to last a 4-week sales or lease campaign but much longer,” says Leanne. She adds that helping their clients through their journey as investors needs a deeper understanding of their goals and the process that goes behind it. This standard sets the Metropole Melbourne team apart from the competition and serves as their guiding criteria when it comes to looking for other people joining their team. “What I’m looking for in a property manager is a genuine passion for learning everything investment and a desire to learn all about the other things they don’t know,” says Leanne. “It’s about getting into the other facets that make your property management service far different from the usual that can add value to your role.”

*Rockend Rockstars is a video series in partnership with Property TV. As part of the series, property commentator Kevin Turner talks to some rockstars of the property management industry about their business, tips, and personal stories.

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