Increase visibility

Investors can view complete portfolio performance.

Improve communications

Enhance your firm’s credibility by communicating portfolio performance to investors.

Consolidated reporting

Automate investor accounting functions to operate more efficiently.

Drive investor confidence with automated reporting

Let’s face it — your investors want as much insight into their investment positions as possible. And technology evolves, your investors expect self-service access and personalised, accurate reporting. That’s why our investment suite spans the spectrum of investor relations software – to satisfy the unique needs of each investor. With a centralised data repository and data aggregation services, your investors will have access to up-to-date reports online, and your staff can reduce time spent responding to inquiries. From automated production and publication of investor reports to a tailored investor portal, take your investor relations to the next level of satisfaction with MRI investment solutions.

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See how National Real Estate Advisors uses MRI’s flexible Investment solutions to streamline processes and reporting.

The critical role of technology in real estate investment

In this ebook, we explore the full scope of real estate investment and look at how technology can provide a foundational platform for today’s real estate investment players to succeed and continue to grow.

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