MRI ViewPoint

Asset and Portfolio Management From Your Point of View

Access to information is a crucial, competitive tool. Companies that can effectively gather and analyze information and quickly apply it across their entire enterprise have a clear advantage. ViewPoint, a powerful executive browser-based information system, gives you the power to bring together all of your property management information. Analyze data from any perspective with the use of drill-down queries, alerts, user defined events, in-depth analysis, and benchmarking tools. The result is superior control over day-to-day operations and concise, accurate intelligence to support long-range strategic planning.

Control at Every Level

  • Executive Dashboards – Quickly review financial information. Access data for a desired grouping of properties or entities including occupancy information, current month and year-to-date operating results, and other specific calculations. You can also review Net Operating Income and Funds from Operations.
  • Bring It All Together – ViewPoint reaches across your commercial management, residential management, general ledger, accounts payable data, and more.
  • Database Design Audit Report – This report focuses on changes made to your tables using the Database Design tool.

Centralized Reporting

  • Maximum Access – ViewPoint provides business acumen to your property management needs and delivers data to you without requiring end users to mine the database for this critical information. For instance, key performance indicators are delivered directly to your dashboard. ViewPoint supports access to all standard system reports across all modules. Use the drill-down function to see behind the numbers to the supporting details. View notes made to various departments, or display complex information in graphical formats, which can also be printed.
  • Powerful Reporting – Access critical, property-related information. Automatically track changes in occupancy on a monthly basis for comparison. Use the Lease Expiration Schedule to analyze expiring leases by year.
  • Stacking Function – This highly useful tool can analyze multi-story properties, or occupied versus vacant space on a floor-by floor basis, for the current date or any day in the future.
  • Key Comparisons – Combine, filter, and sort data to create summaries, performance analyses, and evaluations based on comparable portfolios, internal benchmarks, and actual versus budget performances.

Complete Flexibility

  • Configure Every Aspect – Quickly and easily configure how to view your data. Create reports, tables, queries, custom menus, database elements, and special functions, all while your underlying data remains intact and secure.
  • Performance Measurement – Usage of standards to perform AIMR/GIPS and NCREIF return calculations with supporting data tables, reports, and worksheets. Perform an on screen, side by side comparison to regional industry indices within ViewPoint.
  • Slice and Dice from Every Angle – Access information by fund, property type, development, geographical area, or other angles to highlight potential problems and emerging opportunities. Display data graphically or numerically.
  • Retrieve Information at Every Level – View occupancy status, asset value, and returns information for any property and development within a portfolio. Use the drill-down function to see more detail at a variety of levels.