MRI ReportDesign

The Ultimate Reporting Tool from the Industry Experts

With ReportDesign it’s easy to tailor reports to your unique requirements, create accurate snapshots of your business, and turn information into intelligence. Developed by the experts in property and asset management solutions, ReportDesign can combine data from all integrated MRI Software systems. So organizations of all sizes can make the most of information – and make smarter, more informed decisions.

ReportDesign is ideally suited to the way you do business, because it was designed specifically for the real estate management industry by those who truly understand it. That’s why ReportDesign includes predefined functions and variables specific to property and asset management. With other report writers, you’re required to create complicated math formulas to calculate common industry functions like square footage changes, rate of return calculations, actual vs. budget amounts, sales rankings, and others. But because ReportDesign was designed just for you, those kinds of items are built right in.

Information from Every Angle

Custom Reporting — Rely on ReportDesign to collect, sort, view, and output data in virtually any combination to create custom financial and nonfinancial reports. You can even combine data from all applications, so you can access and understand information from every angle and perspective.

Limitless Options — With ReportDesign, you control the look and feel of every report. Print the same data field multiple times across a line even though the field is defined only once. Define the number of lines per page and the number of characters per line. Set conditions that designate when to print particular fields, such as printing amounts only above a certain level. You can even print selected data in a highlighting color.

Fast, Accurate Calculation — Depend on ReportDesign to perform fast, accurate algebraic and mathematical calculations. The software quickly calculates data between date fields, round numbers, and sorts data in ascending or descending order.

Drill-Down Capabilities — With all system reports, you can drill down to see the supporting details – and gain greater understanding of the big picture.