Property Management Software

Intelligent operations solutions for commercial and residential property managers

MRI Software is a leading provider of property management software in the real estate industry. MRI prides itself on designing highly-configurable solutions that enable building owners, managers, and investors to streamline their property management process.  MRI serves the global multifamily and commercial property industries, helping them improve their bottom line and maximize their returns on their diverse business portfolios.  MRI leverages its more than 40 years in business to develop long-term successful relationships with its clients.

Commercial Property Management Software

MRI’s commercial property management software enables you to maximize profitability on your real estate investments and operations. The solid and meaningful data derived from MRI Commercial Management facilitates the improved management of your assets.


Residential Property Management Solutions

Multifamily Property Management Software

For more than 40 years, MRI has focused on providing software solutions that contribute to the success of residential real estate management organizations. Leveraging our decades of experience allows us to directly address and quickly respond to our customers’ ever-changing multifamily property management demands, resulting in robust solutions that can be molded and adapted to each customer’s unique business needs.


Residential Property Management Solutions

Investment Management Software

MRI’s Investment Management solutions provide the back-office support needed to guide your investment portfolio. Our end-to-end suite of software tools help drive investment strategies, support robust decision-making, and provide the full picture to your investors. Our products will help mitigate risk and work with you to maximize investor profitability, and can be customized to meet almost any reporting requirement.

Residential Property Management Solutions