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Global Professional Services

Global Professional Services

GPS-wordcloud(2)The freedom to go beyond software

Take your software to the next level with education, training, and support from our Global Professional Services team. Whether you’re a brand new customer or a long-term client, our comprehensive solutions will maximize your investment and empower you to succeed.

Framework: Solution Implementation Methodology

Based on hundreds of implementations and best practices, MRI has developed Framework, a consistent, repeatable, proven methodology for deployment and delivery of all MRI solutions.

With a user-centric approach, Framework ensures that your requirements are met quickly and cost effectively, while allowing users to gain the skills and expertise to get the most from your software. The success of our Framework methodology has been demonstrated time and again for projects large and small, in all corners of the world.

From new implementations to ongoing support and user training, our professional services can meet your needs today and scale with your organization as it grows.


Upgrades and Installation Offerings

Streamline your implementation, migration or upgrade with help from our experts. Whether your organization is self-hosted, deploying MRI in your own data center, moving to a new infrastructure, or upgrading to the latest release, we can make sure your project takes place in a timely, cost-efficient manner. The Global Professional Services team can provide as little or as much help as you need, from simple software-only upgrades to comprehensive solutions that incorporate testing and training.

Interfaces and Conversions

Did you know that MRI can be integrated with other systems? Our Global Professional Services team has already created many of the most frequently requested interfaces to integrate other internal or external systems with MRI. Additionally, we can simplify data conversions whether you’re just getting started or expanding your portfolio.

Customization Services

Extend out-of-the-box functionality to address specific requirements of your organization with the MRI Application Toolkit. Using our Framework methodology as a foundation, our experts can help you create custom reports, custom tables, or other unique add-on solutions.

Education Offerings

Get training programs designed for specific types of users, including new employees, power users, accountants, property managers, and system administrators. We know that your people are your greatest asset! Our training solutions offer a variety of ways for users to learn, including:

  • Live Classroom Training
  • Live Online Training
  • On-demand eLearning through the MRI Training Academy
  • MRI Enterprise Learning Library (MELL)
  • Training Guides and User Manuals
  • Custom Training Services

GPS Factory

Get the training and expertise you need while staying within budget. With GPS Factory, you can keep costs under control by choosing remote consulting services. This saves money and speeds up delivery by eliminating the costs and time associated with travel.