MRI ViewPoint

Asset and Portfolio Management From Your Point of View

K-_Tony-Piunno_Website-Refresh_Product-Screenshots_ViewPoint_MRI---VP---Exec-Dash-on-CPUGather and analyze information and quickly apply it across their entire enterprise have a clear advantage. ViewPoint, a powerful executive browser-based information system, gives you the power to bring together all of your property management information. Analyze data from any perspective with the use of drill-down queries, alerts, user defined events, in-depth analysis, and benchmarking tools. The result is superior control over day-to-day operations and concise, accurate intelligence to support long-range strategic planning.



Key Features of ViewPoint

  • USER-FRIENDLY DASHBOARDS – Quickly review financial information and other key performance indicators. Access data for a desired grouping of properties or entities including occupancy information, current month and year-to-date operating results, and other specific calculations.
  • COMPLETE VIEW OF YOUR PORTFOLIO – ViewPoint reaches across your commercial management, residential management, general ledger, accounts payable data, and more to create a consolidated, accurate snapshot of portfolio performance.
  • POWERFUL REPORTING – Access critical, property-related information. Combine, filter, and sort data to create summaries, performance analyses, and evaluations based on comparable portfolios, internal benchmarks, and actual versus budget performances.
  • HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE – Quickly and easily configure how to view your data. Create reports, tables, queries, custom menus, database elements, and special functions, all while your underlying data remains intact and secure.
  • SLICE AND DICE FROM EVERY ANGLE – Access information by fund, property type, development, geographical area, or other angles to highlight potential problems and emerging opportunities. Display data graphically or numerically.
  • TURN INFORMATION IN TO INTELLIGENCE – ViewPoint delivers data without requiring end users to mine the database for key information. Use the drill-down function to see behind the numbers to the deeper supporting details.