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Resident Connect & Online Renewals

Resident Connect and Online Renewals

Satisfy Customers and Improve Resident Retention with MRI’s Multifamily Resident Portal Solution

Today’s apartment renter is accustomed to conducting business online, and the ability to do so with their community’s management team has moved from being a convenience to a necessity.

MRI Resident Connect effectively extends your leasing office hours, providing an easy-to-use, always available portal that positively impacts your customer satisfaction rates. And because your residents can complete many of the tasks that previously required interaction with a member of the property management team, residents will be happy and satisfied rather than being frustrated by your limited office hours.

Resident Connect offers online electronic payment opportunities, using credit cards, direct debit bank cards, and ACH payments that augment Residential Management’s check scanning capabilities. Regardless of the payment type, you can experience 24-hour funds availability at a low, prenegotiated rate. With Resident Connect, e-payment transactions are less than a dime, one of the lowest rates in the industry. Just this method of reducing operating expenses alone will increase profitability and define a measurable ROI!

Resident Connect is ACH compliant, allowing e-payments to typically process within 24 hours. With this functionality in place, owners have faster access to funds, compared to manually processing checks and relying on bank hours. The software utilizes two-way communication between the bank and the MRI accounting system, delivering enhanced efficiencies.




Key Features of Resident Connect & Online Renewals

  • RENEW MORE RESIDENTS FASTER WITH ONLINE RENEWALS – Retaining good residents is critical to maintaining healthy property occupancy rates, but when renewal time comes multifamily property managers must work around busy resident schedules to present renewal offers and get the customer to sign on the dotted line. Not always an easy feat. Now with MRI Resident Connect with Online Renewals, property management staff can create renewal offers in MRI Residential Management and present the offers to the resident digitally.
  • STREAMLINE OPERATIONS AND INCREASE EFFICIENCIES – Fully integrated with MRI Residential Management, Resident Connect drastically reduces the amount of manual data entry related to payment processing and service requests. Payments completed in MRI Resident Connect are immediately posted to the resident’s account. The software’s two-way communication between the bank and the MRI accounting system delivers true time and effort savings. With just a few clicks, residents can submit maintenance requests, reserve community amenities, and communicate directly with the management office. *Requires Online Renewals
  • SECURE, DIGITAL DELIVERY OF LEASE RENEWALS –  Once the resident accepts a renewal offer, the lease renewal documents are delivered securely to the resident’s inbox via DocuSign. There’s no longer a need to schedule an appointment with the resident to sign their renewal, they can easily sign the renewal electronically – completely legal, binding and secure – anytime, anywhere, on any device.


MRI Resident Connect Empowers your Residents to:

  • Pay rent and fees
  • View real-time statements and account balances
  • View, accept, and digitally sign lease renewal offers electronically*
  • Submit and view status on service requests
  • Communicate with leasing staff
  • Stay current on community news and events