Workspeed – Visitor Management

Workspeed – Visitor Management

Enhance Your Building Security

Workspeed - Visitor ManagementWorkspeed Visitor Management is designed to streamline lobby traffic and enhance overall building security. This powerful solution provides security personnel with an intuitive interface to quickly register and check-in visitors and property managers are given access to accurate, real-time, and historical lobby traffic data. Additionally, Visitor Management equips tenants and other building occupants with a simple, easy to use tool to preregister visitors online – any time, any place.


 Workspeed - Visitor Management

Key Features of Workspeed – Visitor Management

  • ELECTRONIC GUEST PREREGISTRATION – Simple interface allows visitor preregistration for single or recurring access. Security desk personnel can easily locate and check-in both on-the-fly and preregistered visitors.
  • VISITOR BADGING & ID SCANNER SUPPORT – Customizable badges are generated for visitors upon check-in. Badges support bar codes and visitor photos for enhanced security. Quickly locate and populate visitor information via ID scan for even more efficient guest processing.
  • AUTOMATED NOTIFICATIONS – Timely notifications remind hosts upon check-in of their guest(s).Visitors receive confirmation emails.
  • WATCHLIST FILTRATION – Maintain a safe and secure building by preventing unwelcome guests from entering the premises.
  • TENANT DIRECTORY – A branded building directory of tenant companies and employees is automatically kept up-to-date.
  • ACCESS CONTROL INTEGRATION – Available integrations into access control security systems for end-to-end building security.
  • LOBBY TRAFFIC ANALYTICS – Easy access to an extensive variety of standard and customizable dashboards and reports.


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  • Reduce security liability
  • Optimize lobby traffic
  • Enhance staff productivity
  • Enable transparent operations