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Workspeed – Risk Management

Workspeed – Risk Management

Mitigate Risk and Streamline Compliance

WS---RM---Manage-COI-Dash-on-ComputerWorkspeed Risk Management allows for visibility into tenant and vendor insurance, mitigating liability concerns. Automated alerts help ensure that all tenants and vendors maintain up-to-date certificates of insurance, therefore ensuring consistent compliance and reducing your overall risk exposure. On-demand tenant/vendor submission workflows make it quick and easy for tenants and vendors to upload insurance documentation. Finally, limit-specific templates help ensure that the right coverage is being maintained by all parties entering or performing work on your property. Risk Management works to make sure that insurance is not only up-to- date, but that the process is streamlined to provide improved operational efficiency.



Key Features of Workspeed – Risk Management

  • ONLINE DOCUMENT STORAGE – Maintain and store COIs and endorsements electronically for easy access by property staff. A centralized database allows for quick, on-demand review.
  • MANAGE BY EXCEPTION TOOLS – Mitigate insurance liability by implementing advance notification of expiration to both property management and the insured party.
  • ACORD STANDARDS – Ensure industry compliance with the ability to capture all required ACORD form data.
  • VENDOR COMPLIANCE – Prevent dispatch of work to non-compliant vendors to reduce risk exposure.
  • CONTRACTOR TRACKING – Enforce tenant contractor compliance with building standards by mandating tenants to electronically submit vendor appointments.
  • ELECTRONIC COI SUBMISSION – Template based insurance requests can be initiated via web portal. Tenants and vendors can electronically submit their up-to-date documents for approval.
  • TASK ORIENTED TO-DO LIST – Easy to follow to do lists automatically organize work and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT – Real-time monitoring of cross-property operations via customizable dashboard views.
  • COI ANALYTICS – Easy access to an extensive variety of standard and customizable dashboards and reports.



  • Mitigate Liability
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Enhance Staff Productivity
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
  • Enable Transparent Operations
  • Decrease Carbon Footprint