MRI Information eXchange (MIX)

MRI Information eXchange (MIX)

Built on the power and flexibility of MRI’s Application Toolkit

Experience the Flexibility of MIX
At MRI, a core part of our DNA is flexibility—both to accommodate the unique technological needs of your business and to adapt as your business grows and changes. We are committed to helping you “eXpand” from core MRI offerings in the ways that you see fit. MRI Information Exchange, or “MIX,” is a revolutionary extension of our core flexibility. With MIX, you will be able to exchange data between MRI and third-party or custom applications, increasing your control over your company’s data. Confidently assemble the solution of your choice! As a central hub of property management and accounting data, MRI offers the tools to manage a controlled and secure data flow to and from MRI. MIX will help you build a specialized and integrated system that can help you reach your business goals.

Information Exchange

Key Features of MRI Information eXchange (MIX)

  • MIX WEB APIs – MIX web APIs provide a secure, seamless, and reliable way to expose information from your MRI database
  • READ AND WRITE – MIX APIs are accessible over standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and follow the REST architecture style, meaning that you can perform read and write operations on the same URL
  • SECURITY– MIX APIs are protected by the same level of data security as the rest of MRI. You control which APIs are allowed to execute within your databases
  • RESPONSE SHAPING – MIX APIs separate the shape of the data from the data itself, allowing the consumer to request the format most appropriate to the task and skill
  • FOCUS ON PERFORMANCE AND BEST PRACTICES – We created an infrastructure to optimally handle large data sets



  • We use industry-standard protocols and conventions, enabling you to bring your MRI data to your custom solutions or to trusted partners with minimal effort
  • Problems with data or access are communicated with standard HTTP status codes, enabling you to build more predictable integrations
  • You can also build in controls that manage which segments of data are exposed to which consumers
  • Out of the box, MIX APIs support OData AtomPub, OData JSON, plain XML, and comma-separated values (CSV)
  • MIX APIs are protected by a centralized trusted partner ecosystem, ensuring that every request originates from a trusted partner with access to the MIX API that has been vetted by our engineers
  • If you are required to integrate with a data source that has a pre-defined data schema, MIX APIs allow you to provide custom templates to shape the data to be output by the API
  • Data paging ensures that consumers can reliably navigate massive data sets. Environment protection governors control API behavior to ensure that your database is not overloaded and can continue to be responsive for MRI end-user