MRI Flexibility Toolkit

MRI Flexibility Toolkit

Powering Maximum Flexibility

At MRI Software, providing our clients with choice and flexibility is our top priority. Our platform is designed to be highly configurable in order to meet the unique needs of our diverse client base. With the MRI Flexibility Toolkit, users enjoy the freedom to configure the solution in ways that best serve their business needs. Users can modify pages, views, buttons, reports, and much more with our Flexibility Toolkit solution set.

With other property management solutions, you are forced to adapt your business practices to fit their software. MRI Software delivers configuration without compromise, giving control back to the user.


Key Features of MRI Flexibility Toolkit

  • DATABASE DESIGN:Transform table structures, Configurable databases, Control data validation.
  • WEB DESIGN: Quick redesign capabilities, Content control, Create new fields, Insert fields to match data flow.
  • REPORT DESIGN: Custom reporting, Limitless options, Fast and accurate calculations, Drill-down capabilities.
  • WORKFLOW DESIGN: Process Automation, Dynamic task assignments, Generate notifications


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