Market Connect Availability and Reservation System

Market Connect Pricing & Availability

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You wouldn’t buy a product without knowing the exact, current price. Neither will your customers.

MRI Market Connect automatically updates your online ads with data we pull from your compatible property management system, eliminating inconsistent and inaccurate advertised rents and the constant need to manually update each advertising source individually. And by making current availability accessible, your prospect can see the actual rent amount for their desired apartment unit.

If your property uses revenue optimization, we’ll even publish your lease terms and optimized rents in an easy-to-read pricing grid. Say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone manual rate updates, and let Market Connect take control.



Key Features of Market Connect Availability and Reservation System

  • APARTMENT RESERVATIONS FOR SPECIFIC APARTMENTS – Prompt your prospects to stop looking and start leasing from you!Your customers want to do business with you on their terms. With Market Connect, your leasing office is never closed. Prospects can view and reserve the available apartments you want your prospect to see, anytime from anywhere!
  • PRE-QUALIFIED RENTERS –  Imagine having future residents walk into your leasing office already knowing what apartment they want, how much the rent is, what specials they are getting and when they can move in. Even better, when you choose to enable the online pre-qualification feature in Market Connect, your prospective residents can screen themselves from the comfort of their living room using your resident screening provider and your defined screening criteria.
  • INCREASED CONVERSIONS ON RESERVED APARTMENTS – With Market Connect, reservations convert to leases on average 25% of the time according to multiple independent industry studies, compared to email and phone leads which close at 4% and 6% of the time respectively. When a Market Connect reservation is screened, that 25% closing ratio doubles to nearly 50%!
  • AUTOMATIC RENTAL RATE UPDATES –  Ensure your advertised rents are always accurate without lifting a finger.

At ABODO, our focus is on providing renters access to reliable and high-quality vacancy information, and VaultWare’s content syndication provides our users with the information they want. VaultWare customers now have the ability to add and automatically update their listings so they can gain immediate access to the thousands of renters that are searching ABODO every day.

Alec Slocum, CEO ABODO