Market Connect

Market Connect

Market ConnectConsumer Focused Apartment Marketing Providing Streamlined Operations, Highly Qualified Leads, and More Leases

Combining the Reservation System, Property and Mobile Websites, and the Leasing Tablet; our solution has changed the way potential residents shop for their new home online. Market Connect is the first piece of the Multifamily Connect Suite, bringing your potential residents to the first step of the entire lifecycle.

As an MRI Residential Management customer, Market Connect delivers even more value with a tight integration that reduces data entry and provides updates between Market Connect and Residential Management. With MRI Market Connect Data Integrator, you’ll benefit from:

  • Automatic insertion of guest cards into MRI Residential Management or updating an existing prospect’s activity history.
  • Automatic inventory management within MRI Residential Management.


Key Features of Market Connect

Pricing & Availability Reservation System

Often imitated, never replicated. The industry standard in apartment reservation systems.

The Reservation System is an integral part of any effective online marketing effort. Instantly turn every marketing source into a transactional leasing center that prompts apartment hunters to stop looking and start leasing. With lease conversion rates for Market Connect reservations between 17% and 38% – compared to 4% and 6% for traditional email and phone leads – you can’t afford to advertise online another day without Market Connect.


Highly-effective Property Websites

Are you paying too much for your website?

The most effective apartment websites are those that put powerful, meaningful and actionable information into the hands of the person in the driver’s seat, your customers. Market Connect’s highly-effective community websites turn interested apartment shoppers into engaged and highly qualified prospects that are ready to lease.

Market Connect Leasing Tablet™

Property tours never leased so good.

The Market Connect Leasing Tablet is a touch-screen computing solution that puts all of the vital Multifamily Connect Suite leasing tools into the hands of the leasing professional on an Apple® iPad, tablet PC or similar device. Your prospective renters will remember you and your property long after the tour has ended when you tell your community’s story in pictures, videos and aerial site plans.

At ABODO, our focus is on providing renters access to reliable and high-quality vacancy information, and VaultWare’s content syndication provides our users with the information they want. VaultWare customers now have the ability to add and automatically update their listings so they can gain immediate access to the thousands of renters that are searching ABODO every day.

Alec Slocum, CEO ABODO