Investment Modeling

Investment Modeling

Build your strategic plan and gain competitive edge with comprehensive financial modeling software

As the real estate investment industry evolves, the leaders of REITs, pension funds, and other organizations that invest in real estate face new challenges. Shifting market conditions as well as economic and political uncertainty are driving real estate investment firms to reassess their approach to strategic planning, performance management, and risk mitigation.

MRI’s Investment Suite offers comprehensive financial modeling software for real estate investors to build their strategic plan and gain competitive edge in the marketplace. From strategic planning and analysis to risk management, our suite of Investment Modeling solutions allows you to accurately forecast performance and create model scenarios in order to build your strategic plan, make decisions, and transact efficiently within the real estate ecosystem.

To discover how Investment Modeling can help you gain a competitive edge, explore our solutions:
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“One of our primary uses of MRI Investment Modeling is to calculate the impact that a potential transaction would have on the existing portfolio from a balance sheet, income statement and most importantly, a returns perspective. The ability to measure whether a transaction is accretive or dilutive to the existing portfolio’s income and capital return is an extremely important data point for our Executive team when making decisions on capital deployment.”

Director, Strategy and Risk Leading North American Pension Fund