Enterprise & General Ledger

MRI General Ledger

Providing a Strong Foundation for Your Real Estate Management Systems

MRI---GL---Menu-on-CPU-with-X-Log-in-on-TabletOur General Ledger system does much more than crunch numbers. This powerful, easy-to-use reporting tool provides complete access and control of all financial information, so you can make well informed decisions. The flexible design supports a variety of accounting methods – including simultaneous cash and accrual processing – to adapt to the way you do business. Quickly create accurate snapshots of your portfolio’s past, present, or future financial status to steer long-range analyses and build your competitive advantage. With MRI Software, you have the power to tailor reporting to meet unique, real world needs.



Key Features of Enterprise & General Ledger

  • POWER OF CHOICE – General Ledger gives you the power to establish how information will be stored. For example, users enjoy the freedom to choose the accounting basis and chart of account structure.
  • EFFICIENT DATA ENTRY – All data entry screens in the system are designed to allow easy navigation from field to field. Convenient pull-down menus and pop-up lists keep essential information at your fingertips.
  • COMPLEXITY MADE EASY – Manage multilevel consolidations, multi-property comparisons, as well as multi-company accounting with superior efficiency. Post journal entries across entities. Track ownership arrangements and percentages. Manage an unlimited number of budgets from an easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like view.
  • FLEXIBLE, POWERFUL REPORTING – Quickly generate reports based on property, accounting bases, or ownership using the system’s extensive report library. Produce financial reports by financial entity, percentage ownership, or any logical grouping you define. Easily adjust columns, detail lines, and conditional functions.
  • MULTI-CURRENCY CAPABILITIES – For every entity, you can determine which currency will be used for journal entries. The ability to consolidate the data using any currency you choose allows you to accommodate local and regional business operations while supporting global reporting and analysis.
  • ENHANCED SECURITY – Flexible software lets you determine the processing capabilities allowed at each location. You can limit access to sensitive information by user and groups of users.
  • EASY EXPORT/IMPORT – Quickly export general ledger data to third-party spreadsheet and database software for further analysis. You can also import budget, beginning balance, and additional data from third-party software as needed.
  • END-OF-MONTH SIMPLICITY – Built-in tools speed end-of-month closings and transaction balancing.

MRI Enterprise Ledger

For the Most Demanding Corporate Accounting Requirements

MRI---EGL---Ownership-Journal-Entry-on-CPU-with-X-Log-in-on-TabletThe Enterprise Ledger system is designed to support the most sophisticated corporate consolidated and portfolio accounting requirements. This powerful module provides support for entities that exist above the property level in the ownership structure. Rely on Enterprise Ledger to manage all inter-entity ownership structures while also supporting joint ventures, fund management, and portfolio level reporting. Manage and track the full range of ownership types, structures, allocations, and hierarchies, defining an unlimited number of tiers and levels. Execute journal entries at the ownership level and combine financial information across portfolios.

Enterprise Ledger combines with the General Ledger application, extending the capabilities into a powerful, comprehensive reporting tool that brings together financial information from all integrated systems.

  •  FLEXIBILITY – Control the flow of activity between entities with powerful, calculated journal entry functionality. Multiple allocations using multiple accounting basis can be defined by ownership structure, account balances, percentage, or square footage. The system will accommodate all methods of accounting for real estate and non real estate investments.
  • AUTOMATION – When entries are made between two entities, the system will automatically generate offsetting entries. Establish and control how offsets will be handled to reflect the way you do business. Enterprise Ledger software automates the process of creating offsetting line items to balance the ledgers of entities involved in inter-entity transactions. By eliminating manual data entry, this feature saves valuable time and reduces errors.
  • REPORTING FROM EVERY ANGLE – Flexibly control reporting hierarchy, creating “roll-ups” to analyze your business from any perspective. Generate reports to investors across portfolios and funds.
  • DRILL-DOWN TO CRITICAL DETAILS – Start at the highest reporting level, then continuously “drill down” to review supporting information. Both audit entries and eliminating entries are clearly designated when using the drill-down capabilities. The GL Inquiry view enables clients to easily include or exclude both types of entries.