Maximizing Rent and Keeping the World’s Real Estate Capital in Compliance

DHCR Screenshot

MRI Software’s DHCR product was specifically created to assist our New York City clients with Division of Homes and Community Renewal (DHCR) rent regulation compliance.  New York is the real estate capital of the world and comprises approximately 50% of available apartments with over 1 million units subject to some form of rent program. MRI’s DHCR product facilitates the specific processes and calculations that the market requires, keeping your business in compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines.

DHCR enables our clients to accurately manage rent regulated units including compliance reporting under the DHCR program. By utilizing the MRI solution, clients can efficiently complete DHCR program activities including rent increases and renewals, reducing manual processing errors and maximizing the revenue our clients can collect within legal limits.

Additionally, DHCR is available in MRI’s Version X. Version X provides the most intuitive day-to-day experience versus any other solution on the market with MRI·GO, allowing users the ability to search, navigate, and take action on their most common tasks. Furthermore, Version X has Browser and Device Freedom, which will enable clients/users to access information and work from tablets, smartphones, and desktops/laptops. The strengths of MRI’s DHCR product in conjunction with RM and Financials are the depth of property management functionality provided and the ability to customize almost any part of the application to meet the complex needs that make our clients unique.

Key Features of DHCR

REDUCE MANUAL ERRORS AND MAXIMIZE REVENUE – This intuitive product provides all the features needed to help you do business smarter. Additional capabilities MRI DHCR includes:

  • Move Ins that calculate and update vacancy increases that allow users to maximize the amount of rent you can charge and collect
  • Electronically compile and transmit Annual Rent Registration
  • Renewals that accurately calculate 1 and 2 year increases as well as accommodate SCRIE/DRIE
  • The ability to print compliant DHCR Renewal letters