Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Management

MRI Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Management

Take Control of Your Real Estate Expenses

CRE---Portfolio-Info-on-CPU-with-X-log-in-on-TabletMRI Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Management helps retailers, health systems, data centers, and other office and industrial lease holders stay on top of lease expenses and terms.

Designed for corporate lease accountants and administrators, MRI CRE helps you better control your real estate expenses and assures you never miss a critical lease detail. CRE automates the tracking of lease terms and complex expenses to help avoid costly errors such as over payment or missed lease options. Featuring a modern, intuitive interface, MRI CRE provides the detailed visibility, automation, and overall flexibility you need to minimize costs and maximize the performance of your lease holdings.

With new FASB and IASB lease accounting standards on the horizon, maintaining compliance is becoming increasingly complex. Our team of subject matter experts are well educated on the pending changes and our system contains specific enhancements to help our clients effectively navigate the new standards.




Key Features of Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Management

  • TRACK EVERY LEASE TERM. NEVER MISS A DETAIL – When managing a portfolio of leased properties, it is imperative to stay on top of every lease detail to avoid negative financial impact or missed opportunities. MRI CRE features dashboards and alerts to help ensure you never miss a detail.
  • TRANSACTION FLEXIBILITY AND AUTOMATION – Understanding that every business has unique needs, the MRI CRE solution is highly configurable and allows for multiple transaction requirements. Further accounting functionality includes the ability to perform general ledger allocations, segmentation, and the solution easily integrates with both MRI and non-MRI general ledgers.
  • AUTOMATION OF COMPLEX EXPENSE CALCULATIONS – MRI Corporate Real Estate features the ability to automate complex calculations to ensure accuracy and improve efficiency. The solution can automate and process such complex calculations as percentage rent, recurring payments, lease offsets (by inflation factor), lease options, recoveries (CAM), and many more.
  • EMPOWER YOUR CORPORATE LEASING TEAM – Designed primarily for lease accountants and lease administrators, MRI CRE provides enhanced data visibility and analysis capabilities all within a modern, intuitive interface. Harness the power of your data and take control of your real estate expenses with this powerful, flexible solution.
  • LEASE ACCOUNTING SIMPLIFIED – Streamline your organization’s compliance processes and reduce the impact of the new accounting standards. Enter your lease details and let MRI CRE help with the rest.



  • Difficulty tracking all critical lease dates and options
  • Manual processing of complex calculations
  • Decentralized data
  • Lack of visibility in to critical lease performance information
  • Financial reporting disclosure of leased assets