Budgeting & Forecasting

MRI Budgeting & Forecasting

The Right Data for the Right Decisions

MRI Budgeting & Forecasting significantly increases the speed, accuracy and overall efficiency of your budgeting and forecasting processes. This intuitive and flexible solution facilitates collaboration on budgets within a single environment, and provides you with deep insight generated by its lease-level detail. The ability to leverage actual data and run detailed comparative financials empowers your team to make better decisions for your portfolio.BandF---BackToBackMonitorsWiPad

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Key Features of Budgeting & Forecasting

  • MAINTAIN DATA INTEGRITY AND IMPROVE COLLABORATION – A highly intuitive interface and innovative workbook functionality allows your team to work together for a smoother workflow and faster budget and forecast creation. Client-defined security determines budget access, making change tracking quick and easy. Finally, Budgeting & Forecasting further facilitates collaboration with features like budget, workbook, and account level notes that can be easily viewed by all members of the budget team.
  • PRODUCE MORE ACCURATE BUDGETS – Use current and historical actual amounts, department leases, rent steps, recovery information, retail setup, sales revenue and projections, rent escalations, area history and many other calculations to easily build budgets with a higher degree of accuracy via calculations and rules consistent with operational processes.
  • LEVERAGE YOUR EXISTING MRI DATA – Produce budgets and forecasts from solid, detailed property and financial data in your existing MRI installation, without re-entry, duplicate implementation work, or challenges integrating divergent systems and business logic. Easily refresh data throughout the budgeting cycle using integrated data flow among MRI modules.
  • INTUITIVE TOOLS DRIVE EFFICIENCY – A highly intuitive interface ensures that your team can complete tasks effectively. For example, multiple budget action support allows reviewers to post multiple budgets to the GL at once, saving time and eliminating opportunities for error. Templates and assumptions for prospect leases allow users to assess vacant space in their property from the graphical suite view.



  • Inconsistent methodology
  • Automating detailed lease-level calculations
  • Difficulty sharing data and collaborating within a single budget file
  • Lack of data security

Budgeting & Forecasting is just beautiful. Everybody just got very excited. It’s fresh, new colors, it’s very intuitive

Karen Blake, VP of Operations Steiner + Associates