AnalytiX Portal

MRI AnalytiX Portal

Unleash a powerful approach to real estate business intelligence.

MRI AnalytiX Portal is a centralized and flexible business intelligence platform that enables analysts and executives to effectively explore and understand their data to make better, more knowledgeable decisions and inform key stakeholders in actionable and impactful ways.

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MRI Analytix Portal

Key Features of AnalytiX Portal

  • The only industry-specific BI solution that integrates with MRI
  • Flexible enough to include non-financial data
  • Enables secure API access to the underlying financials data via data stores structured for BI reporting
  • Standard suite of executive-level interactive dashboards & reports
  • Analytics from multiple data sources MRI, Investment Management & 3rd party data
  • Self-service visualizations, analytics & ad hoc querying by business users


  • One-click data publishing of all property and fund data
  • On-demand, presentation-ready reporting from your mobile device
  • Multiple dimensions of data discovery with drill down and drill through capabilities
  • Interactive visualizations with layering of geospatial and other key information
  • Run reports on the fly without the need to print or pdf reports ahead of time
  • Reports and analytics are accessible to a much broader audience (e.g., anyone with a mobile device)

“One of our primary uses of MRI Investment Management is to calculate the impact that a potential transaction would have on the existing portfolio from a balance sheet, income statement and most importantly, a returns perspective. The ability to measure whether a transaction is accretive or dilutive to the existing portfolio’s income and capital return is an extremely important data point for our Executive team when making decisions on capital deployment.”

Director, Strategy and Risk Leading North American Pension Fund