New Year’s Resolutions – How Do Yours Measure Up?

We’re now about six weeks into 2014, which means it’s a good time to check whether or not you’re on track to meet those new year’s resolutions you made after the ball dropped on December 31st. According to the Daily Infographic, sick-resized-600less than 15% of people surveyed actually achieve their resolution. Whether you’re part of the 62% of people who made a personal resolution, or you made a resolution in your professional life in the form of a company objective(s), now is a good time to check the progress of your 2014 goals.

If you own or manage real estate, perhaps you made a business resolution to renovate your facilities, upgrade your technology, or to improve the satisfaction of your tenants (which is a great goal!). If so, there are several tools available in the market today to help reach those objectives and prevent you from falling into the same category as the 85% of people who don’t achieve their aspirations for the year. Property managers cannot expect to achieve their aforementioned objectives without taking steps to help achieve them; luckily MRI is here to help! MRI JobCost is a software module designed to help manage large scale development projects or smaller tenant improvements. Additionally, MRI Workspeed allows property managers, engineers and tenants to communicate seamlessly and enhance the maintenance of your facilities. Lastly, portal products like MRI Tenant Connect create a fully brandable, secure online presence where tenants can view account statements and history, make payments and submit service requests.

We’re at the first checkpoint of the year – are you making efforts toward reaching your objectives for 2014? Are you on track for success?