MRI Commercial Management

Choose a Solution Specifically Designed to meet Your Needs

MRI’s commercial property management software enables you to maximize profitability on your real estate investments and operations. The solid and meaningful data derived from MRI Commercial Management facilitates the improved management of your assets.

Forget about location, location, location. The success of today’s commercial real estate organizations depends on precise information that provides deep visibility into past and future performance, and enhances decision-making on an ongoing basis. Every day you make decisions that affect the value of your real estate investments; without precise information, you run the risk of lowering your net operating income and ultimately reducing the return.

When making multi-million dollar investment decisions, it is critical to have access to accurate, real-time data. But it doesn’t stop there. The same information you use as the basis for your decisions will become a measuring stick to compare against your actual performance. Not only will this allow you to evaluate and refine your decisions, but it also will help you exercise greater control over your day-to-day management activities.

With the MRI Commercial Management (CM) suite of applications, you benefit from a completely integrated system that will connect your strategic planning activities to daily management tasks and beyond to performance measurement:

MRI Commercial Management Software

Operations Management

CM offers support for nearly all of your real estate business functions, including accounting, lease administration and billing, reporting, and project management, with all of the application modules working together as part of a cohesive end-to-end solution. The system can grow with your business, making it easier for your staff to keep up as you acquire more properties. Automated processes and more efficient workflows mean you can expand your holdings without having to significantly increase headcount to manage the new properties. The result: you can increase your revenue opportunities without incurring additional costs.

Strategy Management

Critical information flows to your operating and financial systems so that you can easily measure actual performance against your plans and continually improve your forecasting capabilities, helping to maximize your return on investment.

Performance Management

As you manage your properties with CM, the data you capture along the way, such as information associated with costs and revenues, can then be used to measure performance against projections. This will allow you to easily determine the true return on your investments, while providing information that can help increase the accuracy of assumptions that support decisions you make in the future.


Command the Entire Tenant Lifecycle

Your financial well-being depends on high occupancy rates. The faster you fill vacancies, the healthier your bottom line. CM can help shorten the closing cycle by supporting you from contact to contract. It stores detailed information about potential tenants, and leverages that information to create lease records once a deal has been made.

Critical data flows smoothly from one process to the next, reducing manual and duplicate data entry as well as the opportunity for human error. Information on leasing activities is also shared with other parts of the solution, making it easier to report and forecast planning requirements. In addition, you can establish workflows based on re-defined limits, approval and escalation routing specifications, and task reassignment parameters to ensure the lease negotiation and approval process moves quickly ensuring your tenants are able to move in as soon as possible.

Work Your Way

The MRI Commercial Management solution is flexible, in order to meet your business’s unique needs. It will support your business processes rather than the other way around, allowing you to establish workflows that drive efficiencies and effective processes. The solution automates complex calculations like rent changes, late charges, discounted cash flows, and consumer price index (CPI) increases, freeing your staff to work more strategically and decreasing the opportunity for human error.

Access Important Information Easily

Commercial property management software

The MRI Commercial Management solution helps eliminate data silos and makes information accessible throughout the organization, giving greater visibility into how your properties are performing at all times. The solution also offers strong reporting capabilities that present information as you need it. You can easily configure client-specific reports that let you quickly make informed decisions. Along with providing valuable reports, it also has configurable executive dashboards that can keep you informed of real-time business performance through easy-to-understand key performance indicators.


Solve the Most Complex Problems

Commercial property management software

MRI provides extensive support for a wide variety of real estate management activities and has developed a solution that goes into greater depth than other types of commercial real estate management software products, enabling you to optimize your business decisions. From portfolio-level return calculations to complex common-area maintenance (CAM) reconciliations, the MRI solution goes deeper to help you resolve more complex situations.

Providing Global Perspective

Whether you’re thinking of going global or you already own properties around the world, MRI can help. Because the MRI Commercial Management solution supports multiple currencies, local features like Australian rent reviews and EMEA service charges, multiple languages, and metric and U.S. measurement systems out of the box, you can manage both local and international operations with a single system.

Services and Support That Make a Difference

The MRI Global Professional Services (GPS) team offers a consistent delivery experience, standardized work plans and templates, and a streamlined approach to help speed implementation and improve your time to value. Because of this, GPS is able to consistently deliver projects on budget and on time. All members of the GPS team have extensive experience with real estate software implementations. Additionally, if you want to learn more about how to use your MRI solution, GPS provides a variety of standardized and personalized training opportunities that include both classroom sessions and self-paced virtual learning.