MRI Bostonpost Affordable Housing Property Manager

A Web-Based Affordable Housing Compliance & Administration Solution

"Mark Development is a big fan of Bostonpost and has made it part of our strategic plan in expanding our property management business. The customer support we have received has been exceptional. From the initial set-up, training, timeliness of customer support and troubleshooting specific issues we have been very pleased with Bostonpost. Bostonpost has allowed us to realize the increase in productivity and efficiencies we had hoped to achieve."

Craig Watase, President
Mark Development, Inc.

MRI Bostonpost specializes in affordable housing software. We provide web-based software and services to affordable housing managers working with subsidy programs from HUD, USDA, Tax Credits, HOME, and Public Housing. Our customers use Bostonpost Property Manager® software to reduce the administrative workload on their property managers and increase compliance with any mix of affordable housing funding programs.

The Bostonpost software was designed from the start to handle the complex mix of funding programs that is common today. Whether you are managing properties with just project based vouchers, or properties rehabilitated with tax credit funding, or newer properties with complex layered funding, or anything in between, the Bostonpost system can help you manage all of it with one system that property managers can handle with ease. In one application, you have everything needed to automate, monitor, and streamline property management operations.

Configurable Reporting

MRI Software is committed to powering maximum flexibility and providing more self-service options to our clients! MRI Bostonpost's newest functionality will allow users to access more data and will give them the ability to modify the 300+ standard reports that come with Bostonpost Property Manager.

  • Access additional data that may not be available in standard reports currently
  • Add/remove columns from existing reports within Bostonpost
  • Customize the layout of reports and add headers/footers
  • Create/save/modify report templates
  • View reports in Bostonpost, Excel or your Web Browser
This new feature will save your property time and money at no additional cost. Contact Bostonpost Support if you are interested in learning more.

Key Features of Bostonpost Include:

MRI Bostonpost Affordable Housing Property Management and Compliance
  • A fully automated resident certification process complete with a built in pass/fail reporting system that confirms and validates data as it is entered
  • Intelligent waitlist and turnover processing that maintains compliance by pre-selecting only applicants that are eligible for a given unit
  • Automatic production of complete resident files and verification forms from a central document library of over 400 document templates that are automatically printed as users complete routine processing tasks
  • Over 300 online reports that can be printed, emailed, or exported to Excel, Word, PDF, and text files
  • Comprehensive maintenance tracking and invoice processing
  • Fully Integrated GL, AP, AR processing

Affordable Housing Property Management and Compliance Benefits

Bostonpost Property Management and Compliance

Bostonpost Property Manager® takes the complexity out of selecting applicants to move into a unit. The ‘smart’ wait list feature assures that only eligible applicants will be selected for move in or transfer subject to restrictions for whatever funding programs are in place. Use restrictions based on a HUD extremely low income preference, tax credit rules for ‘next available unit’ and ‘unit vacancy,’ and other income set-asides are all evaluated. A rental agent simply selects an available unit and the built-in compliance engine presents eligible applicants from the waitlist based on rules for all funding programs that apply to that unit.

Affordable Housing Compliance

Compliance with HUD, USDA, and tax credit programs is improved and simplified because comprehensive compliance enforcement is built into the core system, not added on as an optional module.

  • Single data entry for multiple subsidies reduces errors and omissions
  • Prevent selection of ineligible tenants with built-in ‘Compliance Manager’ for HUD, USDA, LIHTC
  • Ensure timely subsidy payments using voucher creation/submission wizards
  • Electronic submission of certification data and voucher requests to TRACS, MINC, PIC

HUD Section 8, Rent Supplement, RAP, 202, 236, BMIR, 202 PRAC, 811 PRAC, 202/162 PAC

  • 50059 Certifications
  • 52670 HAP Voucher Requests
  • Special Claims for damages and vacancy
  • Electronic submission to TRACS
  • HAP reconciliation process to account for rejected certifications and payments held or released by HUD
  • Ready-to-use document templates for recertifications and automated follow-up

Tax Credits, Section 42, Bond Financing, HOME

  • Federal and state level set aside monitoring
  • Calculates low income limits and maximum tax credit rents
  • Generates detailed compliance audit reporting
    • Calculates state layer income limits from the HUD limits. Calculates maximum tax credit rents.
  • Supports multiple set asides by property or building and for fixed or floating units
  • Monitor the 140% and 170% income rules
    • Monitor the 140% over income rules
  • Generate alerts to guide compliance with next available unit and student rules
  • Electronic XML reporting to state agencies

USDA Rural Development Section 515

  • Rental assistance certification RD 3560-8
  • Basic rent and overage tracking
  • Prepare MINC submissions 3560-8

Public Housing

  • Prepare PIC submissions and 50058s
  • Support for flat rents
  • Track tenant service programs

NYC Rent Stabilization

  • Automated leasing process for vacancy leases and lease renewals including calculations for MCI and IAI rent increases.
  • Support for DRIE and SCRIE vouchers
  • Annual Apartment Registration

Affordable Housing Property Management

Bostonpost Property Manager® increases visibility and control over any size portfolio by centralizing information so that critical activity and processes can be monitored.

  • In minutes, you can check on the current status and trends for vacancy, A/R, cash received, unit turnovers, and more
  • Fully configurable security allows precise control over employee access and authorized tasks
  • Define global policies for compliance and resident records
  • Approve or deny requests for compliance overrides

Affordable Housing Maintenance and Inspections

Comprehensive maintenance and inspections management that complements and coordinates with property management functions to ensure that all maintenance requests and inspections are handled quickly and efficiently. A powerful template based inspections processing system ensures all agency or company policy inspections are conducted properly. Pass/Fail conditions can be attributed to each item checked. Items that fail, or fail with conditions can automatically create follow up work orders. Bostonpost makes it easy to manage maintenance and inspections activity from the initial service request through completion.

  • Manage workflow through scheduling, dispatching, and tracking activities
  • Schedule and assign work based upon staff availability and skill match
  • Comprehensive template-based inspections processing
  • Automatically generate work orders or inspections based on defined events
  • Track history of major asset replacements
  • Create detailed reports of completed maintenance and costs
  • Distribute invoice entry to properties and centralize AP approval and payment

Affordable Housing Accounting

For the highest level of integration between property operations and accounting, financial transactions from all properties can be automatically posted to GL and AP ledgers using MRI’s integrated accounting. GL, AP, AR, and Cash Management views all provide drill-down capabilities and complete audit trails for transactions. Property level AR activity can be posted to GL automatically with MRI integrated accounting or by exporting a file of journal entries to existing GL software. If invoice processing is delegated to properties, approved invoices can also be forwarded to AP for check processing.

  • MRI’s integrated accounting for general ledger, accounts payable, tenant refunds, and cash management
  • Transaction history is never purged which allows financial reporting for any date range
  • Monthly activity reports accessed at the property level and central office

Getting Started with Bostonpost

Whether your company is new to Bostonpost, developing a new community, or acquiring an existing community, our MRI Global Professional Services Team is here to help make you successful. Your ultimate success with our software requires that we start you with a fundamentally sound system. To ensure this, all property implementations are based on a series of steps that include the fundamental activities needed to successfully bring a new property live with Bostonpost. We’ll design and configure your new community, establish and verify that the proper funding programs are in place, set up the residents, and provide the necessary and agreed-upon training.

Bostonpost takes full advantage of web-based technology to deliver extensive online implementation and training services that keep transition costs low while providing a safe, low-stress process for users to adopt the new system. New users can access online, instructor led training sessions as well as extensive help documentation through quick links built into the software

What steps can I take to make my implementation successful?

To ensure the implementation process goes smoothly, you can help. When bringing a new community onto our software always make sure to consider the following four points:

  1. Provide advanced notice. The more notice we get the better we can meet your timelines.
  2. All implementations require a signed Statement of Work. This document outlines what our team will do, the implementation fees, and any special requirements that need to be accommodated.
  3. During the implementation, check and double-check the accuracy of all information provided to our team or our team provides you. Making sure all information is correct through the entire process can make the implementation a huge success.
  4. Make sure you know the capabilities of your staff and plan for the right level of training based on these capabilities.

Optional Services & Features

Document Setup

Need help setting up your documents? We will conduct a workshop to set up an application document, a lease document, a letterhead document or a lease addendum.

Product Feature Setup

We will setup the following features below for a single property: Dashboard setup, Resident screening, Basic document printing and usage, Approval flags, Waitlist, Legal method, and GL Export.

Project Management Rollout Services

Do you have an implementation that needs to operate to a set deadline? If you do, we recommend you take advantage of our project management services. These services include additional time for our team to work with you beyond the individual community implementations to plan, coordinate, and control the overall implementation.

MRI Bostonpost Training Solutions

Self-Paced Elearning

At MRI, we’ve found that the best training method is through computer-based training called elearning. Elearning allows people to learn at their own pace and at their own schedule. It eliminates the delays and hassles associated with coordinating training class schedules. The training is consistent – everyone receives the same information. And finally, it’s less expensive than live training.

Instructor-Led Training

For areas where we do not have elearning, or the subject matter isn’t conducive to elearning, we also offer public training classes. Public training classes are remotely delivered and can range from thirty minutes to two hours.