A 45-year Commitment to Property Management Success

It’s hard to imagine many software companies being around longer than the personal computer, but MRI Software proudly celebrates a strong, 40+ year history in business.

MRI Software, then called Management Reports Incorporated, was founded in 1971, in Cleveland, Ohio, by Fred and Sid Goodman; its original vision was of providing timely, accurate reporting to the global property management industry. Through the technological innovations and paradigm shifts of the next 45 years, this vision has remained at the core of MRI Software’s promise to its customers.

Explore the timeline to learn MRI’s story.

1971 - MRI is Born

MRI Software, then called Management Reports Incorporated, was founded in 1971, in Cleveland, Ohio, by Fred and Sid Goodman; its original vision was of providing timely, accurate reporting to the global property management industry. Through the technological innovations and paradigm shifts of the next 45 years, this vision has remained at the core of MRI Software’s promise to its customers.

1985 - Breakthrough Software Product Released for DOS

MRI Software implemented its first DOS product. This was cutting edge technology and MRI pioneered the shift from paper to digital.

1992 - First International Users Conference

MRI Software is known for it’s annual International Users Conference (IUC). The IUC is a week full of learning, networking, and entertainment. In 1992 the first IUC was held in Cleveland, OH and has moved all around the country since then.

1996- First Windows Version of Our Product Released

MRI has always been an early adopter of new technologies, and in 1996 we migrated our DOS product to Windows, taking advantage of the then innovative graphical user experience.

2000- MRI Moves to the Web

Continuing to lead in the adoption of new technology for real estate, we released the first web-based version of our flagship product.

2011- Cisco Architectural Excellence Award

In February of 2011, MRI Software received the Cisco Architectural Excellence Award for its SaaS infrastructure.

2011- MRI Acquires Workspeed

In September of 2011, MRI Software acquired Workspeed, MRI’s flagship property operations solution, and is currently leveraged by more than 300,000 users in over 850 million square feet of commercial real estate space. The user-friendly software enables tenants, managers, and the building staff to interact on a single, flexible, rule-based platform.

2011- MRI Acquires Bostonpost

Bostonpost provides web-based, hosted software to property management firms managing affordable housing subsidized by HUD, USDA, HOME, Tax Credits and Public Housing programs. Our customers use Bostonpost Property Manager software to reduce the administrative workload on their property managers and increase/maintain compliance with any mix of affordable housing funding programs.

2011- MRI Acquires Vaultware

MRI VaultWare Apartment Marketing and Reservation solutions provide consumer-centric apartment marketing, leasing, and market analysis capabilities focused on delivering an ideal online shopping experience that results in streamlined operations, highly qualified leads, and more leases. More than 15 million apartment hunters use MRI VaultWare to help them find their perfect apartment every year.

2014- Patrick Ghilani is Named CEO of MRI Software

Ghilani joined MRI in 2006 as the Vice President of Global Professional Services, building the company’s industry-leading consulting and implementation services team. Appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2012, Ghilani spearheaded productivity and client experience improvements while leading all client operations, including Professional Services, Client Support, and SaaS hosting. As President & COO, Ghilani led corporate growth initiatives targeting both geographic and innovative product expansion.

2014- MRI Launches Budgeting & Forecasting Offering in the Australia & New Zealand Region

This was a highly anticipated release that empowered international clients to streamline their annual budgeting process. MRI Budgeting & Forecasting is part of the core product suite to streamline budget processing, minimize manual setup, and better facilitate business planning. Clients can build collaborative budgets with an intuitive Web-enabled interface combined with a higher degree of calculation accuracy by using current and historical actual amounts, departments, leases, rent steps, market reviews, recovery calculations, turnover rent, area history, and more.

2014- MRI Surpasses 500 Downloads of MAX

A short two months after releasing the MRI Application eXchange (MAX) to its client base, over 500 downloads occurred. Max enables MRI clients to connect and share customized reports, pages, views, and even complete applications created for the highly configurable MRI solutions. This was a groundbreaking offering and the first of its kind within the property management software industry.

2015- MRI Releases Corporate Real Estate Management Solution

In 2015, MRI Corporate Real Estate Management (CRE) became more powerful, flexible, and user-friendly than ever before. MRI’s CRE software helps retailers, health systems, data centers, and other office and industrial lease holders stay on top of lease expenses, terms, and other critical information.

2015- Wins Two Prestigious Commercial Real Estate Awards

2015 was a successful year for MRI Software, winning two awards for CPE Tops in Technology. These awards recognize our efforts to improve overall client experience and reaffirm our commitment to remaining innovative and at the forefront of the property management software industry.

2015- Acquires Cougar Investment Management Solutions

Cougar, now known as Investment Management, was acquired in 2015, providing MRI clients a global portfolio asset management solution.With real estate investment, expansion, and consolidation continuing to thrive in the marketplace, MRI Software is now poised to deliver real flexibility for investors, from modular solutions to a comprehensive end to end solution.

2015- MRI Wins OHTEC Award

In 2015, MRI received the Best Device / Application award from OHTec for its MRI Application eXchange (MAX) product. This award epitomized the culture of innovation within MRI and our dedicated focus on the diverse needs of our customers.

2015- Version X: A Brand New User Experience

MRI Version X property management software takes the best aspects of online search and shopping websites and applies those user experiences to enterprise software for the real estate market. Version X provides a faster and more intuitive experience for the user so that less time is spent on training and completing routine functions. Within 6 months of launch, 75% of SaaS clients had adopted this new version.

2015- MRI Releases Prospect Connect

In 2015, MRI announced Prospect Connect, a complete property leasing solution – delivering online search, apartment selection, paperless application, and lease execution, while allowing property managers to painlessly close leases while maximizing the potential revenue for each lease. This innovative solution allows clients to drive prospects to their communities by providing a simple, convenient, and online process

2015- MRI Recognized as One of Northeast Ohio's "Best Places to Work" for 9th Time

Every year, the Employers Resource Council (ERC) honors 99 excellent workplaces in Northeast Ohio that endeavor to not only attract the top performers to work for their company, but also to facilitate high job satisfaction among their employees. Considered by many to be the most prestigious business-related award in Northeast Ohio, this is the ninth time that MRI Software has earned the NorthCoast 99 title.

2015- 75% of North American Clients Migrate to Version X

The rollout of Version X exceeded expectations. Our clients continue to embrace these migrations and benefit from the new interfaces and functionality that Version X provides.

2016- 22nd Annual International Users Conference

Join us in Nashville for the annual gathering of MRI clients and partners as we highlight our successes and preview products to come.

Today, MRI is a global organization with clients on five continents, offering business management software solutions to the global property management industries. As a leading provider of real estate enterprise software applications and hosted solutions, MRI serves the global multifamily and commercial property industries, helping them improve their bottom line and maximize their returns on their diverse business portfolios. MRI leverages its 45 years in business and develops long-term successful relationships with its clients.

Mission and Purpose

MRI Software Exists to enable the real estate industry to improve where people work and live.
We deliver and support enterprise technology software solutions for real estate owners, operators, and investors.

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