MRI Resident Lifecycle

Connect and Engage, From Prospect to Resident

Effectively engaging both apartment hunters and your residents means providing intuitive, easy-to-use communication channels that provide the information your customers require at the time they need. Whether prospective residents are looking for your current pricing and availability at midnight, your residents have a non-emergency service request, or Susan and Brian in apartment 204B have just decided to renew their lease with you an hour after the leasing office closed, being always open for business online sends a message to your customers that their time and satisfaction is important to you.

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Marketing - Cast a Wider Net (and use the right bait!)

“Market Connect is a must have to turn any online listing site into your own personal apartment store.”
– Peggy Hale,
Morgan Properties

Apartment marketers primary responsibility is to ensure marketing efforts are attracting more than their fair share of the hundreds of thousands of apartment hunters looking for a new home every month. MRI Resident Lifecycle helps multifamily marketing professionals open the sales funnel with these powerful MRI Market Connect tools and solutions:

Build Web Presence

  • Property Websites
    • Highly-effective apartment websites from MRI Market Connect that turn interested apartment shoppers into engaged and highly qualified prospects that are ready to lease. More »
  • Mobile & Tablet Optimized Websites
    • Meet the demands of today's mobile connected apartment hunter with Market Connect Mobile Websites designed specifically for Android, iPhone, and other mobile devices. More »

Leverage Data

  • Real-time inventory & pricing
    • Clients using MRI Residential Management can leverage real-time data sharing with Market Connect so pricing, availability and even customer activity are always current. More »
  • Revenue optimized rate presentation
    • Promote and leverage your revenue managed rates and lease terms on your online ads. Eliminate out-dated ads and time-consuming manual rate updates.
  • Tax Credit Reservations
    • Whether your property is all tax credit or mixed with conventional units, ensure customers reserving online with Market Connect meet the income restrictions for the unit they are reserving.

Syndicate Content

  • Industry leading content syndication network
    • Update content in one location and syndicate to,,,, 12 other major Internet Listing Sites and even your website and mobile website!
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Prospecting – Convert More Leads

“We are closing 60% of our Market Connect leads.”
– Jamin Harkness,
Wesley Apartments

Once a prospect finds your website or online ad, it's critical that you make it easy for them to begin the process of choosing, reserving, and leasing their ideal apartment while their interest in your community is piqued. Imagine having apartment hunters walk into your leasing office already knowing what specific apartment they want, that they are qualified to rent from you, and they are prepared to sign their lease!


  • Unit Availability
    • Market Connect pulls your available inventory from your property management system and adds check availability capabilities to your online ads, website and mobile website.More »
  • Real-time
    • When used with MRI Residential Management, Market Connect pricing and availability is updated on your online marketing sources in real-time. More »
  • Search & Compare
    • Residents can easily compare available apartments side-by-side, including unit amenities, specials, pricing and more. More »
  • Floor Plans
    • Provide apartment hunters easy access to critical floor plan specific information including floor plan images when it's most relevant to them. More »
  • Aerial Unit Mapping
    • Plots your available apartments on an aerial community map so prospective residents can see where their new apartment is.


  • Request to Hold
    • Encourage apartment hunters to begin the leasing process when their interest in your community is at its highest. More »
  • Pre-Qualify
    • Allow customers to pre-qualify themselves for a specific unit using your resident screening provider and your defined screening criteria. More »
  • Availability Alerts
    • Automates your waitlist and ensures you never turn away an interested prospect due to limited availability in a specific floor plan.
  • Rental Application
    • Fully customizable to match your paper lease, allows you to pass Market Connect prospects directly into the application process and lets your prospective residents complete, save, and submit their rental application online from anywhere.


  • Fees
    • Leverage your capabilities to collect fees when the rental application is submitted.
  • Security Deposit
    • Integrations with enable collection of security deposits.
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Connecting – Satisfy Your Residents

“Our residents love it because they can communicate and do business with our office at their convenience.”
– Carolyn Lindeman,
North American Properties

While attracting new residents is critical to maintaining healthy occupancy rates, keeping current residents satisfied and happy with their renting experience with you can have the most impact on your community’s NOI. When the difference between your community and your competitor’s boils down to physical location, it’s imperative that you differentiate the living experience at your property with world-class customer service. But when your leasing office closes, how do you keep residents happy? MRI Resident Connect and Online Renewals is a secure resident portal that plugs into your website and allows you to simply and effectively communicate with your residents.

Manage Content

  • Branded Sites
    • MRI Resident Connect allows for flexible branding across your portfolio, a region or even individual properties. More »
  • Easy Text Formatting
    • Update and add content to Resident Connect with simple and intuitive formatting controls similar to those found in word processing programs. No need for HTML skills.


  • Service Requests
    • Allows residents to submit service requests 24/7 from the convenience of their apartment, workplace or even their mobile device. More »
  • View Statements
    • Residents can view their current account statement on-demand. More »
  • Make Payments
    • Reduces rent collection headaches by giving customers the ability to pay rent and fees online, anytime from anywhere. More »
  • Manage Recurring Payments
    • Now your residents can set up recurring automatic payments within MRI Resident Connect. More »


  • Automated E-mails
    • Automatically notifies residents of status changes in service requests, payment confirmations and more. More »
  • Broadcast Messaging
    • Send community-wide emails and eliminate the need to plaster your community with paper flyers. More »
  • Comment Card
    • Residents can communicate with the leasing staff via MRI Resident Connect. More »
  • Refer-a-Friend
    • Provides an easy method for current residents to invite their friends and family to become neighbors. More »
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Renewing – Retain More Residents

“By enabling eSignature, companies have increased their document closure rate to more than 90%, drastically reducing document turnaround time and cutting administrative costs by 50%.”
– DocuSign Case Study

At no point in your interaction with your residents is superb customer service more critical than at the end of their lease term. By connecting with and engaging your customers from first touch to lease ending, you've set your communities up for true retention success. Now with MRI Resident Connect and Online Renewals, you can continue impressing your residents with five star customer service and improve lease renewal rates with the only true online lease renewal solution available with DocuSign electronic signature capabilities. MRI Resident Connect with Online Renewals gives property managers these resident retention advantages:

Generate Offers

  • Revenue Optimized Rates
    • Integrations with revenue management systems means you can now present optimized rates and lease terms in your renewal offers. More »
  • Automated Renewal Offers
    • Drastically reduces the time and effort involved with preparing and delivering renewal offers.
      More »

Initiate Closure

  • Automated Emails
    • Encourage your residents to renew with automated renewal reminder emails.
      More »
  • Drive Traffic to Portal
    • Online lease renewal process prompts customers to utilize your MRI Resident Connect portal capabilities.
  • Present Renewal Choices
    • Securely deliver lease renewal options with intuitive controls that reduce roadblocks to obtaining a signature on the lease. More »

Control Workflow

  • Customized Renewal Documents
    • Online renewal documents are created to mirror your paper-based lease documents. More »
  • Track Renewal Progress
    • At-a-glance view within MRI Residential Management of all residents currently in the renewal process and the last stage they completed. More »
  • Electronic Signature
    • Reduces lease renewal execution time with full eSignature capabilities provided by a strategic partnership with DocuSign, the global standard in electronic signatures. Read the whitepaper »

Manage Documents

  • Store & View Signed Renewals
    • Eliminates the pains associated with managing lease renewal documents by securely storing executed documents.
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While providing world class online customer service to prospects and residents is critical, if your marketing, lead management, and resident services solutions don’t talk seamlessly with your property management and accounting systems, property managers and leasing staff can be buried with administrative and data entry chores. With MRI Resident Lifecycle, customer interaction data flows seamlessly back and forth between customer facing portals and MRI Residential Management, ensuring operational efficiencies are maximized, freeing your multifamily leasing professionals to spend their time focused on attracting and retaining residents.